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Nia Donald

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Assistant Director

Dance Instructor

DancInfusion Coach

Nia has been dancing and competing since she was just 2 years old under the instruction of her mother, Ms. Vi Donald at Dancin' Around Dance Studio.  She has a diverse background in various dance styles, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Poms, Tumbling, Lyrical, Acro, and Cheerleading.  Nia is currently actively performing, auditioning, and competing all over the United States.

Throughout her career, Nia has achieved numerous Platinum Awards and top 5 Overall Scores at various dance competitions. She has also earned several dance scholarships from different competitions and conventions. In 2016 and 2017, Nia was crowned the National Champion at the Starbound Dance Competition, taking 1st Place Overall for her jazz solo and lyrical solo performances.

In addition to her dancing accomplishments, Nia was also a member of the cheerleading team for TF South High School.  She was named an All-State Conference Cheerleader in both 2017 and 2018.

Nia's love for dance is ingrained in her soul, and she enjoys sharing her passion with others through teaching. She has had the privilege of training and dancing with world-famous choreographers who have worked with artists such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, JLo, and P'Diddy. Her travels have also allowed her to meet inspiring dancers from the TV show "Dance Moms" and their affiliated dance companies.


Nia's role as the Instructor and Head Choreographer for the DancInfusion Competitive Dance Team has been instrumental in the team's success. Her passion for dance and expertise in choreography has greatly influenced their achievements.

Through her guidance, Nia has instilled a strong work ethic and a sense of discipline in the dance team. She has helped them develop their technical skills and pushed them to constantly improve and push their boundaries. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence have been vital in their consistent top placements at national competitions.

Nia's ability to create innovative and captivating dance routines have set the team apart from their competitors. Her creativity and artistic vision have not only impressed the judges but also captivated the audience. She takes into consideration the strengths and abilities of each team member, ensuring that their routines showcase their individual talents.

Apart from her technical expertise, Nia also provides emotional support and encourages teamwork within the dance team. She promotes a positive and inclusive environment where each member feels valued and motivated to contribute their best. Her leadership skills have fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among the dancers, which has contributed to the team's unity and success.

Overall, Nia's role as the Instructor and Head Choreographer for the DancInfusion Dance Team has had a profound impact on the team's achievements. Her expertise, creativity, and guidance have helped them reach new heights and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the dance competition circuit.


For those interested in following Nia's journey, she can be found on Instagram at @Niaraedonald or on YouTube/Vidanz.

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