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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Dancin Around Dance Studio. The studio opened in 2001and specialize dance techniques such as Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pom Pons, Tumbling.  Classes are offered to children and adults from the ages of  3.


The philosophy of our dance program is to teach the basic fundamentals of dance in a safe and sound manner and to instill in our students an appreciation of the arts in an enjoyable atmosphere. Our main goal is to teach the love of dance as a performing art.  


As a dancer, you have the unique opportunity to be both an athlete and an artist. With the idea that dance is both a sport and an art form, comes the responsibility of maintaining your ability. 

Our teaching staff is all highly trained professionals and their goal is to give each student the best possible dance experience, to help them gain poise and confidence, as well as encouraging participation in a healthy physical activity. 


The annual recital is designed to teach our students what it would be like to be a real performer. They learn teamwork and stage directions, experience dressing in costume, as well as seeing the working of the theatre.


Dancin Around Dance Studios dance teams competes yearly and performs at numerous charity and non-charity functions. The talented teams received several 1st Place Awards including Best Overall Performance, Best Overall High Score, Platinum, High Gold & Gold Adjudicated Awards, Best Costumes & placed top 5 Best Routine at the Hall of Fame 2006 NATIONAL Dance Challenge.  In 2014-15 the junior dance team was National Champs in the junior group routine at StarQuest National Dance Competition. In the 2015-16 seasons, the Senior team was National Champs for their Trio and 2nd Place Overall for their Duet and 3rd Place Overall for their group routine.  


In addition to National Champions, one of their dancers - Alec Donald- holds the prestigious title winner of "Mr. Teen" at Edge Dance Competition and StarQuest National Competition at Regional and Starbond National Dance Competition at Nationals.

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