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Dancin' Around Dance Studio is a family-owned business offering classes in Blue Island, Illinois.  We are dedicated to providing dance education to people of all ages. We are excited to announce a new program that focuses on teaching Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop to children aged 5-12. Our goal is to build a program that will help them gain confidence and self-expression through the art of dance. We are thrilled to have Ms. Vi Donald, former Chicago Luvabulls dancer, to lead the program. Come join in the fun and see what Dancin' Around Dance Studio is all about!

Blue Island - 6 Weeks Sessions


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Classes are held at the Irwin Center, 12804 Highland Ave, Blue Island, IL

You can purchase class attire and optional merchandise at our by clicking HERE.




Beginner Ballet/Jazz:  4:30pm – 5:15pm  (Ages 5-7)

Hip Hop/Jazz: 5:15pm-6:00pm  (Ages 7-12)







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