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Sierra Donald

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Hip Hip and Heels Instructor

Founder and Artistic Director of DA Dream & Fantasy Dance Teams


Sierra is a highly accomplished and dedicated dancer with a wealth of experience in various dance styles. She began her dancing journey at the young age of 5 and quickly rose to become a national competitor. Sierra's training spans across jazz, ballet, hip hop, poms, tap, and tumbling and heels, among others.

Sierra's dedication to her craft has taken her on a journey around the United States, where she has trained with renowned choreographers and producers. She has also collaborated with popular dance teams, further expanding her knowledge and skills in dance.

Throughout her dance career, Sierra has been a part of several dance teams, including the Southern Illinois Dance Team, Moda, IUC Wrapsody, Dance2XS, and UIUC Hypno. Her passion for hip hop and heels has led her to create and become the CEO of D.A. Dream Dance Team in Lansing, IL & Fantasy Dance Team in Chicago, IL. In this role, she trains the team for various performances, including music videos, commercials, theaters, and Bulls games.  She trains her dancers at various locations throughout the States including Lansing, IL, Chicago, IL, Champaign, IL and Las Vegas, NV.

In addition to her dance accomplishments and an entrepreneur, Sierra is also a devoted teacher with a wealth of experience. Her passion for teaching dance shines through, and she is excited to connect with dancers from all walks of life.


If you want to stay updated on Sierra's dance journey, you can follow her on Instagram @sierrabearr_.

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