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  • Anyone who comes into the studio (Guardian, Sibling, and/or Dancer) who has experienced a recent fever and/or respiratory symptoms, will be required to stay home.


  • For the safety of everyone, we ask that parents drop off their kids and wait in their car instead of the waiting area. If you must wait in the waiting area, we ask that you wear a mask, social distance, promote self-care, and cleanliness while you are in our facility. Only one adult family member will be allowed. No kids under 15 may be in the waiting area without an adult.


  • For younger students ages 3-7, our staff will no longer change your child's dance shoes during class, which means they will be concentrating on one genre during each class. We want to keep our instructors and your children safe, limiting personal contact.


  • Students should be dropped off 5 minutes prior to their class and not earlier. They will not be allowed to wait in the waiting area.


  • Students will need to sanitize their hands before and after class. Parents will need to sanitize your child's hands. We will have a very limited supply available for use at the studio.


  • The students are required to be dressed in their dance attire when arriving for the class. The bathroom will not be available for changing attire.


  • Students are not required to wear a mask during class time but are recommended to put it on when entering and exiting the studio. Student Names should be put on their mask. Any masks left behind will be disposed of.


  • Younger students ages 7 and under will not be allowed to bring their dance bag as they will not need to change shoes or outfits during the class.


  • There will be a 5-6 minute interval between each class which means all the students will be released 5-6 minutes early from class to allow for passing and sanitizing.

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