• Must be a student of Dancin’ Around Dance Studio

  • Must be 6 years of age at the time of audition (proof of age is required)

  • Must take the 3 required classes – Ballet, Jazz and one other of choice

  • Must pay a team fee of $110.00 per month for 10 months in addition to the required class tuition

  • Must be available for all practices, shows, and competition

  • Required to participate in any and all fundraiser projects

  • Must get along well with others



  • Must audition every season (closed audition)

  • Must wear proper dance attire and shoes

  • Must learn the choreography, perform dance combinations and show dance technique



  • Must attend all practices

  • Required to bring all dance shoes to practice

  • Must know the dance/choreography for competition

  • Practices are mandatory unless prior permission to be excused is granted by the instructor

  • Each squad member will be responsible for all information given and steps learned at each practice.  It’s the member’s responsibility to seek out this information is practice is missed.



  • Required to participate in all competitions (3-5 per season)

  • Will receive a pin, ribbon, plaque or certificate for competition participation

  • As a member of the squad, you do not automatically perform.  Being included in performance means knowledge of the routine.  If the instructor feels you are not ready to perform, you will be dropped on the performance.


Year-End Banquet:

  • Will have a year-end banquet at the end of the season