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Thank you for your interest in Dancin’ Around Dance Studio’s DancInfusion Dance Team. The team is a very rewarding experience that will create lasting memories!


  • Please read through ALL material very carefully and thoroughly!

  • Discuss and contemplate all information with your parents/child before deciding to try out.

  • Keep this packet for your records as well as for further instructions and dates.

Before you decide to try out, do you possess the following qualities which are necessary to succeed in the dance team?

· Dedication                                     · Determination                              · Strong work Ethic

· Responsibility                               · Respect                                          · Discipline

· Lady-like demeanor                    · Good manners                              · Good attitude               

· Dependability                               · Organization                                 · Outgoing

· Passion for dance                        · Desire to improve everyday        · High achievement in academics

· Work well with others                 · Physical, emotional, and mental health, strength, and endurance

· Lots of free time                          · Emotional and financial support from parents


DANCINFUSION is a very disciplined, precision dance team. We excel in a variety of styles: jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop. Our movements are meant to be clean, unified, precise, and visual, emphasizing the look of the team as a unit. It is also very challenging and physically demanding. Participation in the dance team, as well as any extracurricular activity, is a PRIVILEGED and not a right. Students must meet specific requirements to be selected and to participate. Young ladies chosen for the team will receive a constitution to be read in full and will sign a contract agreeing to follow all rules and procedures. Failure to follow will result in probation from the team or possible dismissal from the team. DANCINFUSION is fun, but, it is also a huge commitment that requires hard work and long hours. The team meets about 6-8 hours per week, in addition, to regular mandatory classes. 


DANCINFUSION is also a financial commitment as there are many costs for uniforms and activities.

  • Estimated $300-$500 (New members) for your practice wear, team warm-ups, dance shoes, team wear

  • Old Members estimated $200

  • Estimated $200-$1800 for competition costumes, competition fees, travel expenses

  • Team fee $1100 paid monthly for 10 months for the All-Star Team or $1250 for the Hip Hop Team 

  • If payments are not made and deadlines are not met, you, unfortunately, will not be able to participate and be a member of the team. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please start saving now!

  • Should you quit the team or are dismissed from the team; any money that you have already paid is non-refundable. So, please be prepared to make a commitment to the team.


What to wear on Tryout Day:

§ black leotard or tank top

§ black dance/workout pants (long or Capri)

§ black jazz shoes or tennis shoes

§ hair in a ponytail or bun

§ no jewelry

§ no gum


Hopefuls will try out in pairs in front of a panel of judges. Each girl/boy will be assigned a number and will wear it pinned to her/his leotard/top (these will be given at tryouts).


Hopefuls will be judged on:

§ Basic jazz technique, leaps, and turns               

§ Basic hip-hop skills

§ Kick height and technique                                      

§ Knowledge of the routine                                     

§ Projection, energy, and smile

§ Potential and ability to blend with the style and skill level of the team as a whole

§ Behavior, work ethic, attitude, and attentiveness during the tryout clinic

§ Splits - Right leg split must be ALL of the way down or extremely close, meaning 1 or 2 inches from the floor. Left leg 

   split should be close as well.

§ Personal interview


**Please keep in mind that you are judged and scored in other areas as well!

**Previous members are NOT guaranteed a spot on the team again. Everyone must audition and follow the same tryout procedures.

**Being enrolled in regular classes does not guarantee a spot on the team!

**DancInfusion is only looking for responsible and respectable students. Remember social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) can ruin your reputation and hurt your membership on DancInfusion. Please understand anything you put on the internet may be seen by anyone.


Who may be present during tryouts? Judges, individuals trying out, the director, director’s designated helpers, and administrators are the only individuals allowed in the designated tryout area. Parents, friends, boyfriends, and other family members are not allowed in the tryout area at any time during the tryouts.


When do I find out if I have made the team? The judges will need time to tally scores and make their decisions. When they have finished, you will receive an email from Ms. Vi within the week.  Scores will not be discussed and ALL RESULTS ARE FINAL!!!


How many girls will make the team? There is no specific pre-determined number of members for the team. Membership depends on the ability and potential of each girl decided by a panel of qualified judges. It is inevitable that some people who try out will probably not make the team.

Should you not make it, I strongly encourage you to continue taking classes and try again next year!  Please understand that all judges’ decisions are final!


If I make the team, what happens next?

MANDATORY NEW TEAM MEETING Friday, November 5th at 6 pm at Dancin’ Around Dance Studio

  • At this meeting, we will discuss COSTS, dates, rules, etc.

  • Parents & dancers are invited. If parents cannot make the meeting, please make sure you have someone to represent you that can take notes. 

  • Monthly payments will begin on the 15th and continue for 10 months due on the 15th by automatic payments.

  • DancInfusion is a huge financial commitment! Please make sure you are ready to take this on if you are unable to fundraise.

  • Remember, you must meet this payment deadline in order to participate in the 2021-22 DancInfusion Dance Team! No exceptions!


  • Each member MUST truly want to be on the dance team.

  • Each member MUST be willing to abide by all rules and follow directions and understands that they will receive punishment and demerits should they not follow the rules.

  • Members must say “Yes ma’am” when corrected or given instructions by the director, officer, or old member. Followed up with “Thank you.”

  • Be present and on time for all practices and performances, absences affect the whole team.

  • Each member must be dedicated. The team is only as strong as its weakest member.

  • Personal business, traffic, job, lack of a ride, etc. are not acceptable excuses for late arrival, early dismissal, or absences.

  • Put your name on everything that is yours, take care of your belongings, and respect those of others.

  • Show respect for your coach, the officers, team members, parents, and teachers at all times.

  • Turn in props, money, forms, etc. on time. (Strive to be early and never late)

  • Never talk back or respond inappropriately.

  • Only speak positively about our organization and your fellow teammates.

  • Set a good example for the team and yourself at all times – both in and outside of dance school.

  • Follow the rules and regulations of the dance team constitution and the school code of conduct at all times.

  • Members must always improve and continue to strive and work hard. Acceptance of the team does not mean that the dancer will perform at every performance. Dancers may be asked to try out for every performance in front of the director and officers. There is a chance that you might be an alternate for some performances.

  • Each member MUST understand that any decision made by the director/administration and/or officers is in the best interest of the team and its members.

  • Each member is required to participate in ALL activities in which the organization is involved, be it performance, fundraising, or school or community events.

  • Members will purchase their practice clothing and costumes, and other necessary clothing or accessories as required. All personal financial obligations for uniform orders must be met in order to remain a member of the team.

  • Parents are required to be active in the DancInfusion Team and must help with fundraising and/or volunteer work. Your child could be removed from the team if she does not have parental/guardian help. Being a member of DANCINFUSION means COMMITMENT. It is a year-round commitment! Activities begin immediately following auditions and continue throughout the year, until the following auditions. This involves a commitment to the member’s part as well as their parents for a full year.

  • Members will learn competition routines in November, December, and January. Some extra practices may be scheduled possibly even on Sunday to accommodate choreographers.

  • The competition season falls from February through July. The team generally competes in 3 Regional competitions and 1 National competition.


DancInfusion Dance Team is very time-consuming! As you can see, the team is a full-year commitment. If you, or your daughter/son, feel that she/he cannot meet these expectations, she/he should not participate in the audition. It is an honor to be selected as a member of this organization. It requires enthusiasm and dedication not only from the girls/boy but from the parents as well. The team can be the best only if it has your support. I hope each of you will be willing to give your support to your daughter/son and the team as these girls/boys prepare for a successful year.




Vi Donald


Dancin’ Around Dance Studio

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