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Vi Donald
Artistic Director

Ms. Vi Donald is the Founder/Owner and Artistic Director of Dancin' Around Dance Studio. With over 30 years of training and experience in various dance styles, she is a versatile dancer and instructor. Ms. Donald has spent 16 years as a professional and competitive dancer, showcasing her skills at various competitions. Since opening the studio in 2001, she has achieved great success.

In addition to her work at Dancin' Around Dance Studio, Ms. Donald has worked as a freelance choreographer and instructor for various institutions such as Day Cares, Park Districts, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities. This demonstrates her adaptability and ability to work with diverse groups of individuals.

Ms. Donald also holds key positions in other dance-related organizations. She serves as the CEO of Active Edge Lifestyle & Fitness, combining her expertise in dance and fitness. She also acts as the Artistic Director and Instructor at the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District and Blue Island Park District, inspiring and teaching students of all ages.

As a dancer and choreographer, Ms. Donald has over 20 years of experience creating captivating and innovative dance routines. She has worked as a choreographer instructor for the "Bally's Performance Team," showcasing her versatility and expertise in different dance styles.

Ms. Donald is ASEP certified, demonstrating her commitment to excellence and knowledge in her field. She has also served as a Head Pom Pons Coach and choreographer at Andrew High School, honing her coaching and choreography skills.

Her career has been closely connected to the Chicago Bulls. She was a cheerleader for the World Champion Chicago Bulls, known as "The Luvabulls," for two seasons. Ms. Donald then became an instructor for the "Jr. Luvabulls," sharing her expertise and passion for dance with younger aspiring cheerleaders.

Her children, who are twins, followed in her footsteps and performed with the Chicago Bulls Entertainment as the "BullsKidz". They showcased their talent during Bulls games and other team events.

Ms. Donald has also worked in the entertainment industry, making appearances on television shows and performing at events such as "The Taste of Chicago". One of the highlights of her career was dancing with Diana Ross during the Opening Ceremonies of the World Cup Soccer Championship held in Chicago.

She is known for her expertise in dance judging and coordination, as well as her leadership roles in various dance associations. Ms. Donald has trained new judges and coordinated their assignments at both regional and state dance competitions. She has also served as Vice-President and State Officer of the IDTA, playing a key role in implementing policies and organizing events for the association.

Currently, Ms. Donald is the Head Dance Coach for TF South High School and the Head Cheer & Dance Coach for Purdue University Northwest. She also leads her own dance team called "DancInfusion" and takes them to various Regional and National Dance Competitions, where they have consistently earned recognition and awards.

With her educational background in accounting, business management, and finance, Ms. Donald effectively manages and grows her dance company. She is dedicated to making dance accessible to all individuals and passes on her love and passion for dance to her students. Her passion and dedication have contributed to her success as a business owner, instructor, and choreographer.

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