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Dance Team & Competition Etiquette

Competition Etiquette:

1. No videotaping or flash photography is allowed - we can be disqualified if you are found doing so.

2. Behave!!!

a. Do not be the dance team running around acting crazy! Mind your manners!

b. Be kind to one another, say positive things to your dance team & to other dance teams! No talking negative (not about each other, not about your committed teachers, not about your hard working team members, and not about any others we meet/see at each event). Have a complaint? See Ms. Vi or Ms. Candace.

3. Do NOT get up or sit down from the audience in a middle of a routine.

4. Try to stay positive & stress free.

5. Be precise!!!! Don’t be late. Do not forget items at home! You cannot get on stage unless you have all your correct items on! Don’t come with the wrong hair/makeup because you will have to re-do it accordingly.

6. Expect LONG days and nights! Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. We are not running the show nor are we in charge of the event. Remember, your teachers have to be there ALL weekend long with little to no breaks, so we understand the pain!

7. Support Our Team: If you are at the competition during ANY of our studio performances we expect you to be in the audience cheering us on! They worked hard for this, show them the support they deserve!

8. If the sign says no food or drinks in the theater or no glitter, than please respect that.

9. Must Arrive 3 hours Before Your Performance Time. Sometimes the events runs early. It is vital you are there 3 hours in advance so we can warm up and practice before we hit the stage.


11. Awards: We ask that our Dancers always attend their awards ceremony. They worked too hard to not be up there to receive their award! Please make sure they wear their studio attire! They must also sit together in a group and behave.

12. Costumes: Once your child is done wearing their costume (INCLUDING their jewelry & hairpiece) on stage we ask that they take it ALL off immediately and put on their studio clothing. Please take proper care of your costumes and accessories! We do not have extras!

13. Bringing Your Extra Items: We ask that you please bring all your extra items with you to competition. (Ex: Jazz Shoes, Jewelry, Make-Up, Tan Tights, Booty Shorts, Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Etc.) Yes it can get frustrating when a team member forgets something at home but it is even more frustrating when we have 10 mins to get on stage and we are stuck rearranging a routine to knock them out of it! If you bring your extra items for us to borrow in time of a crisis, maybe it will save us all the stress-agony.

14. May Want To Bring Extra Money: Most competitions have shops you can buy competition shirts at, dancewear, or extra trophies, etc. They also have an area to purchase DVDs and Photos.

15. Bring Snacks, Water, and a Jacket: Competition days can be long and sometimes it is hard to leave for lunch! Make sure to pack snacks and water for your dancer and yourself! And bring a jacket because the auditoriums are always cold! Also, if you have other children attending the event with you then make sure to bring them stuff to keep them entertained for long days. Don't forget that phone charger ;)

16. You must pay your current studio balance in order for your child to participate! We will not be lenient on this. If your child’s account isn’t paid in full they cannot dance. Please do not make us have to not only disappoint a specific child, but also the entire team, because pulling a child affects everyone involved.

17. Enjoy Yourself! We spent a lot of money and time to come to these events! Leave the stress at home and have fun!

Again, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great holiday season and see you all next year!


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