Welcome 2015-16 Dance Team

Dear Dance Team Parents, Welcome to the 2015-16 DancInfusion Dance Team. Ms. Vi Donald is the Head Coach for the team and Ms. Candace is the Asst. Coach. You can direct any questions, comments or concerns to either one of them. Do not hesitate! They are here for you and to make this a great experience for you and your kids. With competition in mind, please remind them about respecting others. They are representing Dancin' Around Dance Studio and are expected to treat everyone with respect during practice, at competition or any public functions. This applied to parents as well. If there is ever a problem at a competition, notify your coaches it will direct it to the competition directo

Dance Team & Competition Etiquette

Competition Etiquette: 1. No videotaping or flash photography is allowed - we can be disqualified if you are found doing so. 2. Behave!!! a. Do not be the dance team running around acting crazy! Mind your manners! b. Be kind to one another, say positive things to your dance team & to other dance teams! No talking negative (not about each other, not about your committed teachers, not about your hard working team members, and not about any others we meet/see at each event). Have a complaint? See Ms. Vi or Ms. Candace. 3. Do NOT get up or sit down from the audience in a middle of a routine. 4. Try to stay positive & stress free. 5. Be precise!!!! Don’t be late. Do not forget items at home! You

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